29-30 November 2007
Ecole Polytechnique
Europe/Paris timezone

Scope of the workshop


3 Dimension Integration Technologies (3DIT) offer very attractive perspectives for future high energy physics experiments. They are actually expected to generate a new standard in highly integrated front-end electronics, translating into high rate and density data processing capabilities with modest power dissipation and material budget. They may in particular trigger a breakthrough in particle tracking and vertexing in high radiation level environments.

3DIT are subject of intensive R&D activities in industrial and applied research laboratories. They involve a wide spectrum of high-tech expertise addressing thinning, drilling and conditionning of vias, connectics, soldering, etc.  The main actors in these domains expect outstanding progress in the coming years, which would naturally first profit to commercial applications. It may as well have valuable consequences for particle detection.

The workshop aims to confront prominent actors and experts in 3DIT (industrial and applied research laboratories) to the high energy physics community (mainly LHC and ILC). The first day will essentially be informative, providing overviews on the different high-tech domains involved, as well as on the expectations of the particle physics community from 3DIT. The day will end up with a round table where the two parties will have a chance to evaluate their common interests and their complementarity.  The second day will be devoted to discussions, backed up by a couple of guide line talks, aiming to initiate structured R&D activities among IN2P3 teams, in collaboration with outside potential partners driving the technological evolution.