Scientific Program

  • High energy and nuclear physics experiments

    Operation and performances of running pixel detectors, R&D on upgrade or future pixel detectors

  • Astrophysics applications

    Application of pixel sensors in astronomy, astrophysics and/or in-space (balloons, satellite)

  • Applications in biology, medical imaging

  • Photon science applications

  • Radiation tolerance

    Studies of radiation damage of running pixel detectors, R&D to reach higher radiation tolerance

  • Timing with pixels

    Performance of running pixel detectors dedicated to 4D tracking or particle identification, R&D to improve time resolution of pixel sensors

  • Monolithic sensors

    R&D on verious monolithic technologies like: CMOS pixel sensors (MAPS), Silicon On Insulator (SOI), Depleted field effect transistors (DEPFET)

  • Sensing materials development

    The topic includes a broad range of materials such as solid-state (diamond, SiC, organic, ...) or gazeous (liquid nobles, ...)

  • Electronics

    Read-out ASICs, powering, data acquisition system, monitoring system

  • Integration in detection modules and structures

    Mechanics, cooling, interconnection and assembly techniques