Jul 1 – 6, 2024
Europe/Paris timezone

Third MaNiTou Summer School on Gravitational Waves

MaNiTou summer school

The school will cover all the different areas of current gravitational wave science, from theory to data analysis and observations.

The school is collaboratively organized by scientific communities involved in Gravitational Waves, from 3 French locations in Southern France, namely Marseille, Nice and Toulouse, thus the MaNiTou name for the school.

The school will take place in Toulouse this year, at the Maison de la Recherche et de la Valorisation in the campus of the Université de Toulouse III - Paul Sabatier. All school activities will be held in English.

Goals of the school

The school will cover the emerging field of gravitational wave observations and of their scientific exploitation. Following their discovery by the LIGO/Virgo collaboration, many other gravitational wave detections are expected at the existing and future gravitational observatories. They will open up a new window of exploration, sometimes unique and sometimes complementary to what other messengers such as electromagnetic radiation and neutrinos can reveal of the physics at work in our Universe. The objective of the school is to provide the students with a solid introduction to most aspects of this interdisciplinary field in accelerated expansion.

The school is open primarily to Master and PhD students, and also to young (and not so young) scientists who would like to get better acquainted with gravitational waves. 

For attendees to fully benefit from the school programme, it is highly recommended that they have had at least an introductory exposure to General Relativity before attending the school. Some useful references on General Relativity can be found here.

School organization

In order to make the School efficient for the attendees in terms of knowledge transfer and training interaction with the scientists in charge of the different activities of the school, the attendance is limited to 80 participants. If more than 80 people apply to the School, a selection will be applied based on the criteria outlined on the registration page.

The School has no online attendance option. All participants are expected to attend in-presence.

No fee is required to attend the School.

The School will provide coffee breaks and lunches for all participants. Dinners, travel and accommodation expenses are not covered.

However, accommodation free of charge will be provided for up to 50 master and PhD students who request it. For more information about this opportunity please see the Student Accommodation Section on this webpage.

Apply to the school

To apply, please go to the Registration (Inscription) tab or directly follow the link here.

Amphitheatre 2
Maison de la Recherche et de la Valorisation 75 Cours des Sciences 31062 Toulouse
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