22-23 November 2021
IP2I, Lyon
Europe/Paris timezone


In memoriam Gabriel Karl

This workshop is dedicated to the tetraquarks with two heavy quarks, and other exotic hadrons. Recently, the LHCb collaboration has discovered a narrow tetraquark with double charm, which has been anticipated in several theoretical studies using various approaches such as constituent models, molecular dynamics, QCD sum rules and lattice QCD. The aim of this workshop is to review the recent measurements and discuss the perspectives of related experimental studies, and to confront the various theoretical and phenomenological studies. The participants are encouraged to come to Lyon, but remote connections will be arranged as well.

The program will include

  • Results and perspectives of LHCb
  • Results and perspectives of Belle II
  • Results and perspectives of BES III
  • A brief history of tetraquarks
  • A brief history of charm
  • Weak decay of heavy flavors
  • Lifetime and decay modes of Tbb
  • Constituent models of Tcc and other exotics
  • QCD sum rules applied to exotics
  • Lattice QCD predictions for TQQ
  • Molecular dynamics
  • Production, structure and decay of Tcc
  • String dynamics applied to exotics
  • ....