11 May 2021
Europe/Paris timezone

Scientific Program

nu-Ball2 online workshop - Scientific Program

Tuesday, 11th May 2021

9:20 Welcome from the Director of IJC Lab (Achille Stocchi)

9:30 Introduction to nu-Ball2 (Jon Wilson, Gabriel Charles)

9:40 – 12:00 First session - Ge only configuration (Chair: Paddy Regan, U. Surrey)

9:40 - The OUPS plunger and physics cases for picosecond lifetime measurements (Joa Ljungvall, IJC Lab)

10:00 - The OPSA (Lyso crystal) particle detector and nuclear moments of short-lived states by TDRIV measurements (Konstantin Stoychev, IJC Lab)

10:20 - Moments with TDRIV for 56Fe (Andrew Stuchbery, ANU Canberra)

10:40 - Lifetime measurements in 60Zn (Martha Liliana Cortes, TU Darmstadt)

11:00 - Coulomb excitation of 58Fe (Giogia Pasqualato, IJC Lab)

11:20 - Super-allowed beta-decay in 10C (Bertram Blank, CENBG)

11:40 - General discussion

12:00 – 15:20 Second session - nu-Ball2/FATIMA (Chair: Adam Maj, IFJ PAN Krakow)

12:00 - Fast timing measurements in neutron-rich fission products using the 238U(n,f) reaction (Matthias Rudigier, TU Darmstadt)

12:20 - Lifetime measurements in 106Zr and 114Pd regions using fission/fusion-fission (Eugenio Gamba, U. Brighton/U. Milano)

12:40 - Lifetime measurements in 100Zr and 102Zr isotopes with the fast timing technique (Kseniia Rezynkina, INFN-Padova)

13:00 - Announcement FATIMA 1-day meeting GSI, 9th June (Akash Banerjee, GSI)

13:00 - lunch break

13:40 - Lifetime measurements in rare-earth nuclei and other ideas (Paddy Regan, U. Surrey)

14:00 - Fast-timing measurements in the region about 208Pb (Vasil Karayon, U. Cologne) 

14:20 - General fast timing discussion

14:40 - Two-photon decay from the 72Ge isomer (Aleksander Dragic, U. Novi Sad)

15:00 - Heavy-ion induced fusion-fission studies (Krzysztof Miernik, U. Warsaw)

15:20 – 18:00 Third session - nu-Ball2/PARIS (Chair.: Stephan Oberstedt, JRC Geel European Commission)

15:20 - GDR studies with nu-Ball2/PARIS (Michal Ciemala, IFJ PAN)

15:40 - FROZEN - Coupling with a position-sensitive ionisation chamber + spontaneous fission source (Matthieu Lebois/Stephan Oberstedt, IJC Lab/JRC-Geel)

16:00 - Investigation of the fusion-fission and fast-fission processes of pre-actinide (172,182Os) and actinide (234Cm) composite systems formed in reactions with 28Si ions (Kirill Novikov/Iolanda Matea/Edouard Kozulin, JINR Dubna/IJC Lab)

16:20 - Coupling with the Warsaw DSSD + 40Ca Coulex  (Pawel Napiorkowski/Kasia Hadynska-Klek, HIL Warsaw)

16:40 - Fission studies with nu-Ball2/PARIS + Warsaw DSSD  (Jon Wilson/Christelle Schmitt, IJC Lab/IPHC Strasbourg)

17:00 -  Direct measurement of carbon-clustering in 24Mg* (David Jenkins/Sandrine Courtin, U. York, UK/IPHC Strasbourg)

17:20 - Shape Isomers in the Cd-Pd region (Silvia Leoni,/Bogdan Fornal U. Milano/IFJ PAN Krakow)

17:40 -  General discussion

18:00 - Close of workshop