10-12 May 2021
Europe/Paris timezone

We are pleased to announce the first New Jedi workshop to be held from the 10'th to the 12'th of May 2021.
Our universe is mainly composed of dark energy and dark matter, at estimated percentages of 72% and 23% respectively. The Standard Model (SM) of particle physics fails to describe this hidden sector of our universe. Last years, particular attention is paid to studies of dark sectors (hypothetical sets of one or more relatively light particles very weakly interacting that couple to SM through portals).

Recently, the experiment of the MTA ATOMKI group (Hungary) highlighted an enhancement of the internal pair creation rate at large e+e- correlation angles in the 18.15 MeV transition in ${^8}\hspace{-0.075em}$Be. This has been interpreted as the first evidence of a new light gauge boson with a mass of 16.7(6) MeV. The fact that this new gauge boson can couple to dark sectors opens the field of physics beyond the Standard Model. It leads to the question of the existence of a fifth force of nature. However, uncertainties linked to the structure of ${^8}\hspace{-0.075em}$Be and new hypothesis to explain the experimental results are currently debated. The nature of this boson is also not defined (vector? pseudo-scalar?...).

The New Judicious Experiments for Dark sectors Investigations (New Jedi) project aims to check the ATOMKI results via independent measurements and to explore other systems/reactions, where the nuclear structure related uncertainties are much reduced.

The goal of this workshop is to introduce the New Jedi project and its experimental program, as well as to present its counterpart in theoretical models. These models are related to nuclear structure, nuclear astrophysics, dark sector and potentially dark matter.

The meeting is in the framework of the RESANET GdR and will be devoted to discussions and collaboration about common challenges.


Registration for this event is currently open.