25-27 janvier 2010
IPN Lyon
Fuseau horaire Europe/Paris

Gravitational waves from cosmological phase transitions

26 janv. 2010 à 14:00
Amphi Dirac (IPN Lyon)

Amphi Dirac

IPN Lyon

4, rue Enrico Fermi 69622 Villeurbanne Cedex France


Prof. Ruth Durrer (Université de Genève)


Cosmology is to some extent a search for 'relics' of earlier phases of the Universe. A famous example of this is the is the cosmic microwave background. Another observational signature which would allow us to probe even earlier epochs of the Universe is a background of gravitational waves. In my talk I discuss the characteristics of the gravitational wave background we might expect from a first order phase transition in the early Universe and I outline the prospects of its observation.

Auteur principal

Prof. Ruth Durrer (Université de Genève)

Documents de présentation

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