"Hands-on" project: combination and interpretation of experimental results


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Description of the project:

In precision flavour physics, one needs to study many small deviations from the Standard Model in many observables in order to determine whether they are only fluctuations or design a consistent pattern hinting at New Physics. Since large sets of data must be analysed altogether, it is important to have a common framework for all the measurements, keeping track of correlations among statistical and systematic uncertainties. Moreover, the sensitivity of the experimental results to the underlying theoretical assumptions must be taken into account.

For example in the past, there have been problems to combine the likelihoods for the DeltaMs mass difference, before the first actual measurement. Also the first measurements of the CKM coupling |Vub| were plagued by a theory model dependence, that could not always be taken into account consistently when used in a global phenomenological analysis. It can also happen that an experimental analysis depends on a specific assumption that one would like to relax in the interpretation. For example some of the b->sll measurements assume that the lepton is massless, which is not a good approximation in specific regions of the phase space. Other issues arise when a given New Physics search has been performed in a specific scenario, but is interpreted in a different one.

In many of these situations experimentals and theorists are led to exchange "private" information in a way that is not fully controlled. In this project, we will review cases where the theoretical interpretations could be simplified, optimised, and be more robust by improving the way the experimental results are shared.


- Meeting #1 : Kick-off, presentation of the problem, discussion, definition of the goals of the project

- Home work : Search for relevant/typical cases, experimental measurements or theoretical studies. In which cases one could have done a better job with some supplemental information ? What are the unnecessary assumptions that needed to be made ?

- Meeting #2 : Review of the identified cases and selection of some relevant examples.

- Home work : Analyses of the problems encountered in the selected cases and possible solutions.

- Meeting #3 : Synthesis

Preliminary requirements: 

This project targets people already working on experimental analyses and/on phenomenological interpretation of results

Project coordinators:  Julien Cogan, Jérôme Charles

Mattermost channel: https://mattermost.web.cern.ch/gdr-inf/channels/hands-on-combination-and-interpretation-of-exp-results

  • Aoife Bharucha
  • Eli Ben-Haim
  • Francesco Polci
  • Giampiero Mancinelli
  • halime sazak
  • Hossein AFSHARNIA
  • Jacopo Cerasoli
  • Julien Cogan
  • justine serrano
  • Jérôme Charles
  • Karim Trabelsi
  • Mark Goodsell
  • Olivier Leroy
  • Resmi PK
  • Vidya Sagar VOBBILISETTI