Practical information


Rooms have been booked for all participants at the M Hotel.

62 Cours Albert Manuel, 14600 Honfleur

Phone: +33 (0)2 31 89 41 77 

Mail :

Web :

Accommodation (2 nights, lunches and dinners) at the M Hotel will be supported by LPC Caen and GANIL.



Transportation from Caen to Honfleur (By charter bus).        

A charter bus will be organized from Caen to M Hotel (Honfleur) on Monday 16th March 2020 (morning) .

Departure time from Caen : 10H15.


Transportation from Honfleur to Caen (By charter bus). 

A charter bus will be organized from the M Hotel (Honfleur) to Caen on Wednesday 18th March 2020 begining of the afternoon.

Departure time from Honfleur : 14H00.


Transportation from  Paris Charles de Gaulle  to Honfleur (By train from Paris).

To reach Honfleur by train from Paris, you should first go to the Saint-­Lazare  SNCF train station and take the train to Trouville- Deauville.

From Paris Charles de Gaulle to Gare Saint-­Lazare (Saint-­Lazare Train station):
If you arrive at theTerminal 1, you will first need to take the rapid tramway (CDGVAL) to Terminal 3 Roissypole.The stops of CDGVAL are:
Terminal1 > Parc PR > Terminal 3 Roissypole (RER B) > Parc PX > Terminal 2-­Gare TGV.
Then, there are different ways to reach


Paris by RER:
When you exit the airport follow “Paris by Train (RER)”.
(i) Buy a ticket to Paris in the ticket machine or at the selling counter.
You find them at the entrance to the RER station at the Charles de Gaulle (CDG) Airport.
This ticket you will use all the way till your final destination in Paris (e.g.Gare Saint-­‐Lazare).

(ii) Take the train to Paris (Direction Saint-­Remy les-Chevreuse or Robinson and leave it at the station Gare du Nord. Change to RER E to Saint Lazare. Gare Saint Lazare is the last stop on this line.

(iii) At Gare Saint-­Lazare, leave the metro station and direct yourself towards the train station (Grandes Lignes) Gare Saint-­Lazare. You can buy a train ticket to Trouville Deauville in the traveller centre, close to platforms.

Paris by Roissybus:


Roissybus goes directly to Paris and stops behind Opera. It is then a 15 minutes walk to Saint Lazare train station.

Paris by the Air France bus:
(i) At the terminal, follow signs towards the bus Air France which will take you to the center of Paris. Depending on your arrival terminal, the bus stops can be found at the following gates:
Terminal 1 : gate18
Terminal 2A-­2C : gate C2
Terminal 2D-­2B : gateB1
Terminal 2E-­2F : gate3

Check this information against the information / signs available at the Airport !

(ii) Take Bus no.2, Direction Etoile-­Porte Maillot. The bus ticket you may buy from the driver with no extra charge!
Leave the bus at the last stop'Etoile' (L'Arc de Triomphe) and continue to
the closest metro station Charles de Gaulle Etoile (about 100m away from the bus stop).

(iii) Take the metro line no.1, Direction Chateau de Vincennes, and leave the train at the station Concorde. Here you change the line to no.12, Direction Porte de la Chapelle. Gare Saint-­Lazare is a second stop in this direction!

(iv) Then leave the metro and go to the train station, as described above.


At Gare Saint-­Lazare (Saint-­Lazare Train station) :

Trains for Gare Saint-­Lazare leave usually from platforms with high numbers, like 20-24.Traveler center (ticket counters and ticket machines) are in the same part of the train station.

At Gare Trouville - Deauville (Trouville - Deauville train station) :

Take a taxi ~ 20 km.