2nd Workshop MORA (Matter's Origin from the RadioActivity of trapped and laser oriented ions)




The 2nd workshop MORA will be held at Honfleur-France, from March 16th to March 18th 2020.

The aim  of the workshop is to discuss fundamental physics accessible by the measurements of correlations in nuclear data decays, with specific focus on the search for:

1. CP violation

The MORA project will be reviewed. Technical and theoretical aspects will be addressed in a general context, including specifically CP violation searches via the measurement of an EDM in the neutron.


Exotic currents (S or T) beyond the V-A theory

The measurements of the beta-nu angular correlation and Fierz parameters will be addressed around the LPC Trap and WISArD projects discussed in a international context.



  • Alejandro Garcia
  • Bertram Blank
  • Dan Melconian
  • Dinko Atanasov
  • Etienne Liénard
  • Guillaume Pignol
  • Jean-Charles THOMAS
  • Nathalie Lecesne
  • Navin ALAHARI
  • Pierre DELAHAYE
  • Rodolphe COMBE
  • Sabrina LECERF
  • Simon Vanlangendonck
  • Thomas Lefort
  • Yvan MERRER
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