13-17 September 2021
São José dos Campos, Brazil
America/Sao_Paulo timezone

Invited Speakers


Gerald A. Miller (UW, USA) -- "NN short-ranged correlations: from theory to experiment in 65 years"

Jirina R. Stone (Oxford University, England / UT, USA) -- "Neutron stars: the journey from birth to death"

Raju Venugopalan (BNL, USA) -- "The Color Glass Condensate: Big picture questions, interdisciplinary connections and some recent developments"


Alberto Martinez Torres (USP, Brazil) -- "Exotic heavy hadrons with a three-body nature"

Bruno El-Bennich (UNICSUL, Brazil) -- "The gap equation in QCD and the origin of constituent quarks"

Elena Santopinto (INFN, Italy) -- "Multiquark states: from meson and baryons to exotic tetraquarks and pentaquarks"

Fábio Luiz Braghin (UFG, Brazil) -- "Low energies constituent quark couplings from a dynamical approach"

Fernanda Steffens (University of Bonn, Germany) -- "Parton distributions from lattice QCD"

Gabriel Denicol (UFF, Brazil) -- "Diffusion of conserved charges in relativistic heavy ion collisions"

Harut Avakian (JLAB, USA) -- "Studies of the 3D structure of the nucleon"

Letícia Palhares (UERJ, Brazil) -- "Dynamic gluon mass generation from the effective potential of the Gribov-Zwanziger theory"

Luciano M. Abreu (UFBA, Brazil) -- "Heavy and exotic hadrons in heavy ion collisions"

Marcela Peláez (Universidad de la República, Uruguay)-- "Chiral symmetry breaking in massive-gluon QCD"

Murilo Rangel (UFRJ, Brazil) -- "Heavy ion and fixed target physics at the LHCb experiment"

Orlando Oliveira (University of Coimbra, Portugal) -- "Non-perturbative information from QCD Green functions"

Patrícia Camargo Magalhães (University of Bristol, England) -- "FSI in 3-body decay: challenges and future"

Rodrigo Negreiros (UFF, Brazil) -- "Orbital properties and gravitational waves signatures of strange crystal planets"

Ubirajara van Kolck  (IPN/Orsay, France / UA, USA) -- "Strong interactions and fundamental symmetries"

Ulrich Wiedner (Ruhr University Bochum, Germany) -- "Experimental opportunities in hadron physics"

Wolfgang Schäfer (INP, Poland) -- "Photon induced processes from semi-central to ultraperipheral heavy-ion collisions"

Flash Talks

Cheryl Henkels de Souza (UFSC, Brazil) -- "Momentum transfer squared dependence of exclusive quarkonia photoproduction in UPCs"

Haimon Otto Melchiors Trebien (UFSC, Brazil) -- "Exclusive photoproduction of quarkonia in ultraperipheral collisions"

João Paulo Picchetti (Unicamp, Brazil) -- "Impact of initial condition characteristics on hybrid simulation models of relativistic heavy-ion collisions"

Lucas da Silva Lazzari (UFPel, Brazil) -- "Electrically charged strange stars with an interacting quark matter equation of state"

Mateus Pelicer (UFSC, Brazil) -- "Fluctuations in the nuclear pasta phase"

Vinícius Simões Aderaldo (UFPel, Brazil) -- "Cosmological implications of the QCD phase transition in the early universe"