Parallel Session

13 Sep 2018, 09:00
salle Mondrian (IPHC)

salle Mondrian


23 rue du Loess, Strasbourg


Parallel Session: Data Flow and Front-End Electronics W.G.

  • Andres Gadea (IFIC CSIC-University of Valencia)

Parallel Session: Data Analysis Tracking and Pre-Processing

  • There are no conveners in this block

Presentation Materials

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Damian Ralet (TU-Darmstadt), Emmanuel Clement (CNRS GANIL), G. Lallaire
13/09/2018, 09:30
Jérémie Dudouet (CSNSM), Jérémie Dudouet (IPNL)
13/09/2018, 09:45
Marco Siciliano (INFN - LNL)
13/09/2018, 14:00
Olivier Stezowski (IPNL)
13/09/2018, 14:30
Amel KORICHI (CSNSM-IN2P3/CNRS), Araceli Lopez-Martens (CSNSM), Emmanuel Clement (CNRS GANIL), Joa Ljungvall (CSNSM/IN2P3/CNRS), Torben Lauritsen (ANL)
13/09/2018, 15:00
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