This is the 19th AGATA week


the 3rd Position Sensitive Germanium Detectors (PSeGe) technology and application Workshop

organised by Subatomic Research Department of the Institut Pluridisciplinaire Hubert Curien (IPHC) and 

to be held at IPHC, amphitheater Grünewald

from Monday 10th to Friday 14th September 2018.




Organizing committee :

S. Courtin, D. Curien, B. De Canditiis, F. Didierjean, O. Dorvaux, G. Duchêne, M. Filliger, G. Fruet, B.J.P. Gall, K. Kessaci, M-H. Sigward, L. Stuttgé

Support team :

C. Berger, N. Busser, N. Reinbold, A. Romagnoli



amphitheater Grünewald
23 rue du loess F-67200 Strasbourg
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