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2-7 mai 2010
Oustau Calendal Conference Center
Europe/Paris timezone
If you participated in the conference, please consider sending photos and poster contributions, unless done so already!

Invited Talks

    Cherenkov light imaging fundamentals and recent developments

    J. Engelfried (University of San Luis Potosi, Mexico)

    Technology issues in the Cherenkov light imaging

    C. Matteuzzi (INFN, Italy)

    Status and perspectives of Vacuum-based photon detectors

    T. Ijima (University of Nagoya, Japan)

    Status and perspectives of solid state photon detectors

    S. Korpar (Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia)

    Status and perspectives of gaseous photon detectors

    S. Dalla Torre
      (INFN, Italy)

    Recent advances in the development of gaseous detectors and MPGDs

    L. Ropelewski (CERN, Switzerland)

    Other PID techniques

    J. Va'vra
    (SLAC, USA)

    Poster overview

    P. Krizan
      (Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia)

    Workshop highlights

    B. Ratcliff
     (SLAC, USA)
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