2-7 May 2010
Oustau Calendal Conference Center
Europe/Paris timezone

VHMPID detector for the ALICE experiment upgrade at LHC: simulation results from mirror segmentation studies

6 May 2010, 10:00
Oustau Calendal Conference Center

Oustau Calendal Conference Center

Cassis, France
Poster Technological aspects of Cherenkov detectors Poster Session 2 (Summary)


Dr Giacomo Volpe (Università degli Studi di Bari & INFN Sezione di Bari)


The Very High Momentum Charged Particle Identification (VHMPID) detector represents a possible upgrade for the ALICE experimental apparatus. It has been conceived to extend protons identification on a track-by-track basis up to p = 30 GeV/c. The VHMPID is a ring imaging Cherenkov with C4F10 gaseous radiator coupled to CsI-based photon detector. The focusing properties of a spherical mirror are exploited to focus Cherenkov photons on the photon detector, placed in its focal plane. Mirror segmentation is a critical parameter for the ring pattern recognition performances and for the capability to identify tracks close in the phase space. This feature is crucial for the contribution of VHMPID to the jets physics. We will present the results of detailed simulation studies that have been carried out in order to optimize the mirror segmentation.
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Primary author

Dr Giacomo Volpe (Università degli Studi di Bari & INFN Sezione di Bari)

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