2-7 May 2010
Oustau Calendal Conference Center
Europe/Paris timezone
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New Electronics for the Cherenkov Telescope Array

4 May 2010, 10:15
Oustau Calendal Conference Center

Oustau Calendal Conference Center

Cassis, France
Poster Technological aspects of Cherenkov detectors Poster Session 1 (Summary)


Dr Serguei Vorobiov (LPTA UMR 5207 CNRS & UM2)


The European astroparticle physics community aims to design and build the next generation array of Imaging Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescopes (IACTs), that will benefit from the experience of the existing H.E.S.S. and MAGIC detectors and further expand the very-high energy astronomy domain. In order to gain an order of magnitude in sensitivity in the 10 GeV to > 100 TeV range, the Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA) will employ 50-100 mirrors of various sizes equipped with 1000 to 4000 channels per camera, to be compared with the 6000 channels of the final H.E.S.S. array. A 3-year programme started in 2009 and financed by the French ANR (Agence nationale de la Recherche) aims at building and testing a demonstrator module of a generic CTA camera. We present here the NECTAr design of front-end electronics for the CTA, adapted to the trigger and data acquisition of a large array, with simple production and maintenance operations. Cost and camera performances are optimised by maximising the integration of the front-end electronics (the amplifiers, fast analogue samplers, ADCs and first level buffering) in an ASIC, achieving several G-samples/s and a few microseconds eadout dead time. We present preliminary results and extrapolated performances from Monte Carlo simulations.
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Primary author

Dr Serguei Vorobiov (LPTA UMR 5207 CNRS & UM2)


Dr Christopher Naumann (LPNHE Paris CNRS & UPMC) Dr David Gascón (ICC University of Barcelona) Dr Eric Delagnes (Irfu CEA) Prof. Fabrice Feinstein (LPTA UMR 5207 CNRS & UM2) Dr François Toussenel (LPNHE Paris CNRS & UPMC) Dr Jean-François Glicenstein (Irfu CEA) Dr Julien Bolmont (LPNHE Paris CNRS & UPMC) Prof. Pascal Vincent (LPNHE Paris CNRS & UPMC) Dr Patrick Nayman (LPNHE Paris CNRS & UPMC)

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