2-7 May 2010
Oustau Calendal Conference Center
Europe/Paris timezone
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Status of aerogel production in Novosibirsk

6 May 2010, 10:00
Oustau Calendal Conference Center

Oustau Calendal Conference Center

Cassis, France
Poster Technological aspects of Cherenkov detectors Poster Session 2 (Summary)


Dr Alexander Danilyuk (Boreskov Institute of Catalysis)


Silica aerogel blocks are produced for use in Cherenkov detectors by a collaboration of Boreskov Institute of Catalysis and Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics since 1986. Novosibirsk aerogel is used in several detectors. Among them are KEDR (BINP, Novosibirsk), LHCb (CERN, Geneva), AMS (for International Space Station mission) and others. Currently our investigations are aimed at two directions: multilayer aerogels for Focusing RICH and aerogels with high index of refraction. We have synthesize two- and tetra-layer aerogel tiles with dimensions of 115x115 mm. We have modernized method of pin-hole drying for the preparation of aerogels with refractive index in the range from 1.07 to 1.20.
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Primary author

Dr Alexander Danilyuk (Boreskov Institute of Catalysis)


Dr Alexander Barnyakov (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics) Dr Alexey Buzykaev (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics) Prof. Alexey Onuchin (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics) Dr Evgeniy Kravchenko (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics) Dr Mikhail Barnyakov (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics) Dr Sergrey Kononov (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics) Mr Vasiliy Gulevich (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics) Dr Victor Bobrovnikov (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics)

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