Bridging nuclear ab-initio and energy-density-functional theories

A015 (IPN Orsay)


IPN Orsay

Bat 100, 15 rue Georges Clemenceau
Denis Lacroix (Institut de Physique Nucléaire), Jeremy Bonnard (IPN, Orsay)
The goal of the workshop is firstly to bring together experts both in ab-initio methods and in nuclear energy-density-functional (EDF) theories. We believe that both communities can greatly benefit from the exchange during the workshop. More specifically, attempts have been made in recent years to connect modern and microscopic analyses performed in nuclear physics with nuclear EDF models, with the goal of rendering EDF approaches less empirical and of linking EDF ingredients to properties of underlying quarks and hadrons. Such a bridge is particularly challenging and has promising outcomes. In parallel, this connection would also contribute to reduce uncertainties in the construction of a nuclear EDF and offer a practical unambiguous and ambitious tool to describe nuclear systems. Large time will be reserved for discussions and exchanges to encourage emerging synergies and new projects between EDF and ab-initio practitioners. The workshop will be located at the Institut de Physique Nucléaire d’Orsay (20km south from Paris) that is an historical place with a longstanding tradition in EDF models and where a nuclear EDF based on a zero-range effective interaction was originally proposed.
  • Alessandro Pastore
  • Alex Gezerlis
  • Antoine Boulet
  • Arnau Rios Huguet
  • chiehjen yang
  • Dany Davesne
  • Denis LACROIX
  • Guillaume Hupin
  • Ingo Tews
  • Jacek Dobaczewski
  • Jeremy Bonnard
  • Joseph Carlson
  • Karim Bennaceur
  • Kassem Moghrabi
  • Marcella Grasso
  • Markus Kortelainen
  • Mehdi Drissi
  • Nicolas Chamel
  • Olivier Vasseur
  • Omar Benhar
  • Panagiota Papakonstantinou
  • Pierre Arthuis
  • Pillet Nathalie
  • Piotr Magierski
  • Richard Furnstahl
  • Thomas Duguet
  • Ubirajara van Kolck
  • Vittorio Soma'
Denis Lacroix
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