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22 juin 2017
Institut d'Astrophysique De Paris
Fuseau horaire Europe/Paris

Programme scientifique

09h00 Science of, on & from the Moon 

(Chair: Francis Bernardeau)

  • Bernard Foing  (ESTEC)  (25 min)

9h25 Cosmology  on Moon 

(Chair: Francis Bernardeau)

  • Joseph Silk  (IAP)  (20 min) Cosmological perspectives 

  • Christian Byrnes (Sussex) (15 min) Inflationary issues

  • Walter Jaffe  (Leiden) (15 min)  Radio interferometry

  • Discussion (10 min)

10h25 Coffee

10h50 Astronomy on Moon

(Chair: Benjamin Wandelt)

  • Martin Elvis  (CfA) (15m) Telescopes and policy

  • Jean-Pierre Maillard  (IAP) (15m) The Moon as the ultimate infrared site ?

  • Antoine Labeyrie (Coll. de France) (15m By Teleconference) Hypertelescope

  • Leah Morabito (Oxford) (10 m) LOFAR to SKA

  • Heino Falcke (Nijmegen) (15m) Radio astronomy

  • Kris Zarb Adami (Malta/Oxford)  (10m)  Low frequency astronomy from Moon

12h10 General Discussion

(Chair: Joseph Silk)

12h35 Activities towards future Moon Exploration:  contributions from  ESA Young Space Generation Advisory Council  

(Chair: Bernard Foing )

  • Victoria Da-Poian (ESA & SGAC)

  • Cynthia Chahla (ESA & SGAC)  & Felix Christelle (ESA & SGAC)

  • Aline Decadi  (ESA & SGAC) 

  • Jerome Gilleron (ESA & SGAC)

  • Valerie Skuratova   (ESA & SGAC)

  • Johanna Pardo & Julie Mottin (ESA & SGAC)

  • Julien Villa-Massone (ESA & SGAC)

  • Simon Vanden Bussche (ESA & SGAC)

  • Faviola Romero (ESA & SGAC)

  • Luis Ferreira & Pierre-Alexis Joumel (ESA & SGAC)

13h15 Lunch Break

14h30 Transfer to 2017 International Air Show, Le Bourget.  
RER-B from Denfert-Rocherau + free shuttle

15h00 Visit to Airbus stand 
15h30 Visit to DLR stand in Hall 2C, stand number C357. 
15h50 Visit to ESA stand 
16h00 “Moon for our future” debate

16h00 Citizen debate with ESA 

16h50 Moon debate with ESA DG (Claudie Haignere, Bernard Foing moderator)

17h40 Visit to CNES stand
18h00 Depart

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