12-14 June 2017
IAP, Paris, France
Europe/Paris timezone
1st meeting of the Canada-France Imaging Survey collaboration

The CFIS started collected u&r-bands photons in February 2017, and is already rich of two years worth of u-band data from the precursor Luau 2015-6 large program (nearly 2,500 square degrees covered). This first meeting of the CFIS Collaboration aims at kickstarting discussions on the many exciting scientific programs to come within our group, as well as the possible scientific collaborations with other on-going and future photometric and spectroscopic large surveys in the northern hemisphere. The meeting will last two days, with an extra afternoon booked for potential splinters.

IAP, Paris, France
Salle des séminaires (sous-sol)

SOC: The CFIS Steering Group [PI France - Jean-Charles Cuillandre, PI Canada - Alan McConnachie; Science leads: Mike Hudson (CFIS-r) & Rodrigo Ibata (CFIS-u); Data Management: David Schade; Canadian members at large: Michael Balogh & Ray Carlberg; French members at large: Vanessa Hill & Yannick Mellier]

LOC: Patrick Hudelot, Yannick Mellier, Jean-Charles Cuillandre