5-7 December 2016
ANL, Physics Division B203
US/Central timezone
Argonne National Laboratory, USA

We are pleased to announce the first AGATA-GRETINA collaboration meeting to be held from the 5'th to the 7'th of December 2016 at ANL (Argonne National Laboratory), USA. The meeting will be devoted to discussions about common challenges related to tracking arrays, including the physics, technical details and analysis of data from these arrays. We intend to organize this collaboration meeting on a yearly or bi-yearly basis, alternating between meeting places in the US and the EU. We hope these collaboration meetings will foster collaborations between the AGATA and GRETINA communities and help define and accomplish our common goals.

Conference Secretary : Colleen Tobolic ANL Physics Division, (630)252-3663

Amel Korichi: Amel.Korichi@csnsm.in2p3.fr

Torben Lauritsen: torben@anl.gov



ANL, Physics Division B203
9700 South Cass Avenue, Argonne, Illinois 60439