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23-27 mai 2016
CPT Marseilles
Europe/Paris timezone
This workshop aims to assemble theorists, experimentalists and engineers, involved or interested in the preparation of the g-2/EDM and COMET experiments at JPARC, whose current status and ongoing activities will be presented. The impact of muon g-2, EDM and muon to electron transition measurements will be discussed in the context of the search for New Physics by the LHC experiments.
Démarre 23 mai 2016 08:00
Finit 27 mai 2016 18:00
CPT Marseilles
Local Organizing Committee : Marc Knecht (CPT Marseille) Jean-Loïc Kneur (L2C Mpntpellier) Mark Goodsell (LPTHE Paris) Wilfrid da Silva (LPNHE Paris) Frédéric Kapusta (LPNHE Paris)