11-12 February 2014
Europe/Paris timezone
Following the workshop organised in February 2013 at GANIL, we are pleased to announce that the Workshop to discuss the proposals to be submitted to the PAC for the first campaign of AGATA at GANIL will take place in GANIL on February 11-12th, 2014. In order to elaborate a scientific program compatible with the availability and development of the different experimental setups, it has been underlined that the NWALL, SPIRAL1 and the VAMOS gas-filled mode will not be operational for the 2015 AGATA beam time. VAMOS in vacuum mode and other ancillary detectors can be coupled to AGATA. We remind you that for the complementary equipment the contact persons are: - VAMOS: A. Lemasson - EXOGAM2: G. de France - MUST2 and Tiara: O. Sorlin and W. Catford - PARIS: A. Maj - OUPS Plunger: J. Ljungvall - Cologne Plunger: Ch. Fransen The aim of this Workshop is to present and discuss the proposals that will be submitted in March to the GANIL PAC. Everybody is welcome to send us the updated LoI before January 25th 2014. They are expected to include a detailed description of the experimental setup, beam (energy, intensity), target(s), and the justified request of beam-time. To ensure feasibility, we warmly advise the spokespersons to estimate carefully the cross sections, based either on calculations or on previous experimental works, and to take advantage of the efforts of the AGATA GEANT4 simulation group. For the first AGATA campaign at least 32 capsules are foreseen.