5-7 novembre 2012
Fuseau horaire Europe/Paris
The meeting is organized jointly by the LPTHE and the LPNHE, with the support of the FRIF. The local organizers are Pietro Slavich and Philippe Schwemling.

Your contribution is welcome! Please contact the coordinators if you want to give a talk.  Email adresses are at GDR Terascale

GDR Terascale - Group Coordinators:
J.-L. Kneur, R. Lafaye, F. Maltoni, P. Verdier (Higgs and Supersymmetry)
F. Ledroit, G. Moreau, G. Servant (Non-supersymmetric models);
E. Moulin, P. Serpico (Dark Matter); 
B. Fuks, S. Kraml, S. Muanza (Methods and Tools)
Commence le
Se termine le
Barre 12-22, 4 Place Jussieu, 75015 Paris
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