14-16 mai 2012
Université Montpellier 2
Fuseau horaire Europe/Paris

Baryon and lepton number violation at the LHC

16 mai 2012 à 11:30
Salle des actes, bât. 7 (UM2)

Salle des actes, bât. 7



Dr Christopher Smith (IPN Lyon)


Baryon (B) and lepton (L) numbers are conserved in the standard model lagrangian, but generally not in new physics models. In this talk, we adopt an effective approach to analyze, in a model-independent way, the possible signatures of B and L violating interactions at the LHC. Then, we particularize the discussion to the minimal supersymmetric standard model, where such interactions may now be much welcome since they allow to bypass the already tight constraints on sparticle masses.

Auteur principal

Dr Christopher Smith (IPN Lyon)

Documents de présentation

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