Jul 20 – 27, 2011
Alpes Congrès - Alpexpo
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Status and prospects of the EDELWEISS direct WIMP search

Jul 21, 2011, 3:00 PM
Berlioz (Alpes Congrès - Alpexpo)


Alpes Congrès - Alpexpo

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Jules Gascon (Universite de Lyon, Universite Lyon 1, CNRS/IN2P3)


EDELWEISS is a direct search for WIMP dark matter using cryogenic heat-and-ionization germanium detectors. We report the final results of the second stage of the experiment, EDELWEISS-II, obtained with an array of ten 400 g detectors equipped with interleaved electrodes for the rejection of surface events. Limits on the elastic and inelastic cross-sections of spin-independent interactions of WIMPs were derived from a total exposure of 384 kg.day, obtained following fourteen months of continuous operation at the Laboratoire Souterrain de Modane. We also present the prospects of EDELWEISS-III, which plans to accumulate more than 3000 kg.day of data with 40 new 800 g detectors. All the surfaces of these new detectors are fully covered with interleaved electrodes, resulting in an increase of fiducial mass and of the rejection capabilities.

Primary author

Jules Gascon (Universite de Lyon, Universite Lyon 1, CNRS/IN2P3)

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