13-14 janvier 2011
LPC Clermont
Fuseau horaire Europe/Paris

Metastable SUSY breaking without scales

14 janv. 2011 à 14:40
Amphithéâtre Recherche (LPC Clermont)

Amphithéâtre Recherche

LPC Clermont

Campus des Cézeaux Bât. 6,7,8 Physique 24, avenue des Landais F- 63177 Aubière Cedex
15+5 Main


Dr Felix Bruemmer (DESY)


Modern models of metastable dynamical supersymmetry breaking often suffer from the presence of a small mass parameter, which needs to be tuned by hand to be smaller than the scale of SUSY breaking. In this talk some recent proposals to circumvent this problem are presented. One may generate the required mass scale from gauge singlets coupled to an auxiliary gauge group, or without singlets through a sequence of Seiberg dualities. Some of these models can be coupled to messenger fields in a very simple way, and can therefore be extended to realistic and natural models of gauge-mediated supersymmetry breaking.

Auteur principal

Dr Felix Bruemmer (DESY)

Documents de présentation

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