13-14 janvier 2011
LPC Clermont
Fuseau horaire Europe/Paris

Universal Extra Dimensions on the Real Projective Plane - Model and Phenomenology

14 janv. 2011 à 15:00
Amphithéâtre Recherche (LPC Clermont)

Amphithéâtre Recherche

LPC Clermont

Campus des Cézeaux Bât. 6,7,8 Physique 24, avenue des Landais F- 63177 Aubière Cedex
15+5 Main


Dr Luca Panizzi (IPNL)


The Real Projective Plane is the unique 6 dimensional orbifold without fixed points in which chiral zero modes for fermions are allowed. Moreover, it contains a natural dark matter candidate, i.e. without imposing symmetries by hand. The main features of the model, such as its spectrum which is characteristic of the geometry of the orbifold, and some relevant phenomenological implications that could be tested at the LHC will be illustrated.

Auteur principal

Dr Luca Panizzi (IPNL)

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