26 June 2011 to 1 July 2011
Montpellier, France
Europe/Paris timezone

Magnetic fields in the interstellar medium

28 Jun 2011, 16:25
Main amphitheater (Polytech)

Main amphitheater


Polytech Université Montpellier II


Dr Katia Ferrière (IRAP Toulouse)


I will review the observational properties of interstellar magnetic fields in the disk and halo of our Galaxy. These properties are inferred from a variety of observational methods, primarily based on polarization of starlight, polarization of dust infrared emission, Zeeman splitting, Faraday rotation, and synchrotron emission. I will discuss each of these methods in some detail and explain what it tells us about the strength, direction, and spatial structure of interstellar magnetic fields. I will then compare the observational properties to theoretical predictions from dynamo theory.

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