23-24 September 2010
CESR & LATT -- Toulouse
Europe/Paris timezone

R. Hascoet (contribution) -- Do Fermi-LAT observations really imply very large Lorentz factors in GRB outflows ?

23 Sep 2010, 15:20
CESR & LATT -- Toulouse

CESR & LATT -- Toulouse


Recent detections of GeV photons in a few GRBs by Fermi-LAT have led to strong constraints on the bulk Lorentz factor in GRB outflows. To avoid a large gamma-gamma optical depth, minimum values of the Lorentz factor are estimated to be as high as 800-1200 in some bursts. Here we present a detailed calculation of gamma-gamma optical depth taking into account both the geometry and the dynamics of the jet. In the framework of the internal shock model, we compute lightcurves at different energy and the corresponding spectrum and we show how the limits on the Lorentz factor could be lowered by a factor of 2-3 compared to previous estimates.

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