November 28, 2023
Europe/Paris timezone

This meeting aims at gathering the France-based cosmology and string theory communities, as well as few international experts, on topics of common interest. Those include, but are not limited to:

  • Single and multi-field inflation
  • Dark energy, de Sitter solutions and quintessence
  • Swampland program and conjectures
  • Axiverse models
  • Hubble tension and early dark energy models
  • Spatial curvature

For each of them, string theory and phenomenological models as well as observational constraints shall be addressed. Ample time will be given for discussions and interactions between the two communities. This meeting is part of the actions of the Transverse Task Force of the GdR CoPhy.

The meeting will be hosted by the APC, Paris. It will take place in the Salle des séminaires (Room 454A Luc Valentin, 4th floor) on the 28th November 2023 from 9:00 until 18:00. Talks are by invitation. The program can be found here.

Speakers and discussion conveners include:

  • Julien Larena
  • Fernando Quevedo
  • Marco Raveri
  • Sébastien Renaux-Petel
  • Nils Schöneberg
  • Gary Shiu
  • Danièle Steer
  • Dimitrios Tsimpis
  • Irene Valenzuela


Registration: it can be done here, from the 20th September until the 1st November.


Lunch and coffee: those will be offered to registered participants.


Nearby event: Deconstructing the String Landscape


Funding: GdR CoPhy, ERC, APC, LUPM

Organisers: David Andriot, Francesco Nitti, Vivian Poulin

Salle des séminaires