Seminar: Strong final state interactions seen by femtoscopy

by Prof. Hanna Paulina Zbroszczyk (Warsaw University of Technology)


The study of nucleon-nucleon (N-N), nucleon-hyperon (N-Y), and hyperon-hyperon (Y-Y) interactions are fundamental to the understanding of the physics of relativistic heavy-ion collisions, neutron stars and the existence of various exotic hadrons. The geometry and the dynamics of the particle-emitting source in heavy-ion collisions can be inferred via the femtoscopy method. Two-particle correlations at small relative momentum exploit Quantum Statistics (QS) and the Final State Interactions (FSI), which allow one to study the space-time characteristics of the source of the order of 10^{−15} m and 10^{−23} s. Femtoscopy also enables the investigation of FSI between hadrons, as searches of possible bound states in neutron stars. Baryon measurements together with meson ones provide complementary information about source characteristics. In this talk, recent femtoscopic results from heavy-ion collisions experiments will be discussed. 


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Francesco Bossu, Emilie Maurice, Béatrice Ramstein