Mar 18 – 25, 2022
Alpine Classic Hotel, Leysin (CH)
Europe/Paris timezone

The conference main focus is on cohomology classes of the moduli space of stable curves of particular interest. The event is moreover related to Gromov-Witten theory, Hurwitz theory, integrable systems, spaces of k-differentials and abelian varieties.

This event is synergetic with the workshop “Admcycles: coding intersection theory” which will be held the week before. Some of the participants will be able to report on the state-of-art and the most recently implemented functions and cohomology classes of the 'Admcycles' Sage package, available to the working mathematician. Viceversa, the community of code developers will be able to receive feedback about classes and features of interest to implement in the near future.

Event organisers: Alessandro Giacchetto, Danilo Lewański, and Paolo Rossi.

Alpine Classic Hotel, Leysin (CH)
Route de La Cité 4, 1854 Leysin, Switzerland
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