Mar 13 – 18, 2022
Hotel Les Sources, Les Diablerets
Europe/Paris timezone

The Sage package 'admcycles' was written a few years ago by Delecroix, Schmitt and van Zelm and has features for computing intersection numbers, comparing tautological classes and computing many different types of geometrically defined cycles on the moduli of stable curves.

The idea of the workshop is to offer a platform for learning how to use admcycles, sharing research that was done with it and, in particular, working on new features and improvements.

Event organisers: Danilo Lewański and Johannes Schmitt


This event is synergetic with the workshop “Recent Advances on Moduli Spaces of Curves” which will be held the week immediately after. Some participants of "Admcycles: coding intersection theory" will report on the state-of-the-art and the most recently implemented functions and cohomology classes of the admcycles, available to the working mathematician. Viceversa, code developers will receive feedback from the algebraic geometry community about classes and features of interest to implement in the near future.

Hotel Les Sources, Les Diablerets