Séminaires LLR

The Mu3e Experiment: A new search for muon -> eee

by Prof. Andre Schoening (Heidelberg U)

Séminaire commun LPNHE-LLR
The lepton flavor violating (LFV) decay muon -> eee is highly suppressed in the Standard Model (SM) to an unobservable level. The observation of this LFV decay would be a clear signal of physics beyond the SM. The Mu3e collaboration aims to improve the experimental sensitivity by several orders of magnitudes with respect to the existing bound B(muon -> eee)<1E-12 (90% CL) obtained by the SINDRUM experiment in the year 1988.
After motivating the searches for lepton flavor violation, I will introduce the novel detector concept and discuss the technologies chosen for instrumentation. Emphasis will be given to the main tracking device, an all-pixel tracking detector which is based on High Voltage Monolithic Active Pixel Sensors (HV-MAPS) and exploits an ultra-light design with a radiation length of only 1 per mill per tracking layer.
Finally, the status of the experiment and the planned 2021 integration run will be presented.