11-13 January 2021
Europe/Paris timezone

The aim of DAMIC-M software school is to provide an introduction to the code developed for DAMIC-M and is an occasion to discuss its philosophy for future modular implementations by other groups of the collaboration.  

The code consists of a Geant4 code and a python code, which respectively handles the simulation of the passage of particles in matter and the signals recostruction process in CCDs. In this way users will be able to use the code or to implement modifications when needed.

The school will be online and will be held online, from Monday January 11th to Wednesday January 13th.

We will have an introduction session on git and Geant4 (day 1), the pyDAMICM framework (day 2) and an exercise session on the topics presented.  The last day is dedicated to an open discussion on the new features to include in the python framework. 

For the tutorials, we will use the cluster in Lyon (CCIN2P3) and the gitlab repository.

Other software requirements are posted soon on a dedicated page. 

Please be sure to have an account there otherwise send your request asap. 

ID: 970 1137 0504
code 346994



Application for this event is currently open.
There is an open survey.