Weekly seminars

Exact solutions of Einstein-Maxwell-Dilaton theories with a Liouville potential

by Blaise Goutéraux (LPT Orsay)

Auditorium (LAPTH)



We find and analyse solutions of Einstein's equations in arbitrary d dimensions and in the presence of a scalar field with a Liouville potential coupled to a Maxwell field. We consider spacetimes of cylindrical symmetry or again subspaces of dimension d-2 with constant curvature and analyse in detail the field equations and manifest their symmetries. The field equations of the full system are shown to reduce to a single or couple of ODE's which can be used to solve analytically or numerically the theory for the symmetry at hand. Further solutions can also be generated by a solution generating technique akin to the EM duality in the absence of a cosmological constant. We then find and analyse explicit solutions including black holes and gravitating solitons for the case of four dimensional relativity and the higher-dimensional oxydised 5-dimensional spacetime. The general solution is obtained for a certain relation between couplings in the case of cylindrical symmetry.
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