IPHC research internships & thesis presentation

(grande) Salle Master (IPHC - Bâtiment 20/26)

(grande) Salle Master

IPHC - Bâtiment 20/26

Jerome Baudot (IPHC) , Boris Hippolyte (IPHC - Strasbourg) , Patrice Laquerriere (CNRS)

Research groups from the IPHC departments on Subatomic physics (DRS) and Radiobiology - Molecular Imaging (DRHIM) will present their activities to Master 2 students. Possible internship and thesis subjects will be discussed.

Initial talks will discuss the general research goals of the departments and the rules applied by the Ecole Doctorale (ED) to attribute PhD grants.

All presentations occur between 13h00 and 13h45.

Note: talks planned on Sunday November 29th are simply not yet scheduled.