"Hands on" project on EDMs in the SMEFT


Description of the project: While EDMs can be automatically calculated at one loop in general models, important contributions are missing at two loops which constrain certain CP violating phases. However, by using matching and running, models can be interfaced with SMEFT codes such as flavio and pick up constraints on these phases through the running that would otherwise be missed. This project would be to create a pipleline of existing tools (SARAH, WCXF, flavio) to automate this calculation and apply it to some example models.

Preliminary requirements:  Some mathematica and/or python experience desirable.

Project coordinator:  Mark Goodsell

  • Aoife Bharucha
  • Benjamin Fuks
  • Jianqi Chen
  • Mark Goodsell
  • Michele Frigerio
  • Peter Stangl
  • Priyanka Lamba
  • Sacha Davidson