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Investigating the top-quark scale and scheme uncertainties in Higgs pair production at the LHC (remote talk)

by Julien Baglio (CERN)

Virtual seminar (LAPTh)

Virtual seminar



One of the highlighted goals of the high-luminosity Large Hadron Collider is the probe of the Higgs potential and of the triple Higgs coupling, in particular through the production of Higgs-boson pairs via gluon fusion. This process is loop-induced already at leading order and higher-order QCD corrections are especially important to obtain meaningful predictions for the production cross sections and differential observables. This talk will present the calculation of the next-to-leading order (NLO) QCD corrections to the total cross section and to the invariant Higgs-pair-mass distribution, including the full top-quark mass effects in the two-loop virtual corrections. The impact of the definition of the top-quark scheme for the calculation of the virtual corrections will be discussed, as an illustrative example of a sizable source of theoretical uncertainties not only in this process but also in other relevant channels at the LHC.