The conference will involve fields related to the physics and chemistry of noble gas detectors, and their applications in science, medical field and engineering. Although the previous conferences were mainly focused on xenon detectors, this conference calls for wider fields of detectors. There have been some recent progresses and new attempts of detector technology (such as Micro-Pattern Gaseous Detectors (MPGD), photon sensors such as SIPM and CMOS and new advances in technology/engineering (such as  background reduction and shielding technology), along with large-scale experiments for dark matter and double-beta decay detection.

The main topics will be as follows:

·  Ionisation and scintillation of noble gases and other related media

·  Electronic and ionic transport processes in noble gases

·  Recent advancements in radiation detectors

·  Noble gas purification and recycling methods

·  Applications to nuclear and high-energy physics, astrophysics and space sciences

·  Applications to nuclear geology and planetology, engineering and space technology

·  Imaging applications: astrophysics and nuclear engineering

·  Medical applications: medical imaging, PET, anesthesia, and contrast media

·  Cryogenics for storage and handling of large amounts of noble gases

·  Development and application of gaseous photomultipliers (GPM)

·  Applications of CMOS cameras

·  Reduction of background noise and shielding technology