5-10 December 2021
Europe/Paris timezone

Plenary session program and workshops

  • Structure and dynamics of weakly bound nuclei

    Study of alpha clusters using KO and transfer experiments : Didier Beaumel (IJCLab)

  • Nuclear shapes and symmetries at the extremes in spin and mass

    Nuclear rotation at the limit of angular momentum and fission : Gilbert Duchêne (IPHC Strasbourg)

    Electromagnetic transitions, lifetime measurements and the Plunger technique : Joa Ljungvall (IJCLab, Orsay)

    Symmetry breaking and restoration for the theoretical description of nuclei : Michael Bender (IP2I Lyon)

    The 150 years of the periodic table : Aracéli Lopez-Martens (IJCLab Orsay)

  • New frontiers in microscopic description of nuclei

    Introduction to mean field theory (TBD) : Jean-Paul Ebran (CEA DAM, Bruyères Le Châtel ) and/or Vittorio Soma

    Short presentations will be given by post-docs: Mario Sanchez, Lorenzo Contessi, Raphael Lasseri (TBC)

    Short talks and/or posters wil be given by PhD students: Mikael Frosini, Yann Beaujeault-Taudieres, Kilian Fraboulet, Florian Mercier (TBC)

  • Nuclear physics in the framework of astrophysics

    The r-Process (title TBD) : Stéphane Goriely (IAA, Bruxelles)
    Neutron stars observation : Sébastien Guillot (IRAP, Toulouse)

  • Atelier communication

    Atelier animé par Raphael Chevrier

  • Atelier compétences

  • Atelier Astrophysique

    Calcul parallèle, Fabrice Roy (IAS, Meudon)