Nov 23 – 26, 2021
Europe/Paris timezone

COVID-19 instructions

For some events, a valid sanitary pass will be asked. Please check the COVID instructions relative to the travel from your country to France when planning your trip.

Updated information (in English) from French government concerning COVID instructions for foreign nationals coming to France can be found here:


The latest GANIL-SPIRAL2 regulations concerning COVID-19 pandemic are available hereafter. Be sure to read them before attending the workshop.

Important notice:

We inform that due to the local sanitary regulations in place at GANIL, the wearing of a face mask will be required at all time inside along the workshop. The only exceptions will be during the coffee breaks, lunches and the social dinner. Also, speakers will be allowed to unwear their mask during their talk. 

We remind that in France a valid sanitary pass, i.e. full vaccinal path or less than 72 hour negative COVID-19 test, will be asked for all social activities including visits of public buildings, sport arenas, cinemas, theaters, libraries, restaurants, bars, ... So be sure to be able to show it if required. 

COVID-19 tests (RT-PCR, antigenic or salivary) are available in many places like drugstores, biological laboratories for the price of 40€.