Nov 23 – 26, 2021
Europe/Paris timezone

Invited Speakers

Nuclear Dynamics : from fission to multifragmentation

  • Guillaume Scamps (Bruxelles University, Belgium): Progress in the characterization of the fission fragments in microscopic theory


  • Alan B. McIntosh (Texas A&M, USA): The asymmetry dependence of temperatures measured in fusion-evaporation reactions and in multi-fragmentation reactions


Isospin effects and EoS in Nuclear Reactions

  • Bao An Li (Texas A&M Commerce, USA): Theoretical aspects : Isospin effects and EoS in Nuclear Reactions


  • Haik Simon (TU Darmstadt, Germany):  Isospin effects and EoS in nuclear reactions, experimental aspects


Clustering phenomena and multi-particle decay

  • Akira Ono (Tohoku University, Japan): Transport model approach for clusters in heavy-ion collision dynamics


  • Ivano Lombardo (INFN-LNS , Italy): Clustering effects in nuclear reactions at low and medium energies


Nuclear EoS and Astrophysics

  • Francesca Gulminelli (LPC Caen, France): The equation of state of dense matter and nuclear physics constraints


  • Luciano Rezzola (Frankfurt University, Germany): Nuclear EoS and Astrophysics, experimental aspects


New experimental tools, detection techniques and accelerators

  • Kevin Insik Hahn (Ewha University, South Korea): tbc


  • Anna Corsi (IRFU Saclay, France): Probing the structure of exotic nuclei with proton targets