8-12 June 2020
Via Zoom
Europe/Paris timezone

JT, BTZ and the Island Phenomenon.

12 Jun 2020, 16:00
Via Zoom

Via Zoom

Friday Zoom link : https://zoom.us/j/98783299477


Erik Verlinde


We study a simple model of black hole evaporation by considering a 1D QM system coupled to a 2D CFT on a strip, where both the 1D QM system and 2D CFT are chosen to have gravitational dual descriptions in terms of black holes in two and three dimensions respectively. By making use of the fact that JT gravity can be obtained via dimensional reduction of 3D gravity, the full system may be represented as a single BTZ geometry., in which the boundary of the strip is mapped on to end-of the world branes that extend to the horizon. This model exhibits and illuminates the notions of quantum entanglement, quantum extremal surfaces and the Island phenomenon in a simple and intuitive geometrical fashion.

Recorded version https://youtu.be/7rvMkqVBhbY?t=5773

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