8-10 June 2020
IPhT, CEA/Saclay, France
Europe/Paris timezone

de Sitter vacua in String Theory are usually constructed using effective four-dimensional theories that appear to descend from string theory compactifications with fluxes and localized objects. However, in most constructions it is not clear whether the needed ingredients can be combined directly in String Theory without leading to inconsistencies.

A parallel line of inquiry, based on the properties of consistent effective field theories and known as the Swampland Paradigm, conjectures that these constructions will always be inconsistent. 

This workshop aims to bring together experts on top-down and bottom-up de Sitter constructions, discuss progress and controversies in this area and create the framework for new collaborations and developments.

Organizers: Iosif Bena, Mariana Graña, Ander Retolaza


Invited participants:

Johan Blåbäck
Andreas Braun
Michele Cicoli
Giuseppe Dibitteto
Emilian Dudaș
Ben Heindenreich*
Renata Kallosh
Manki Kim
Nicolas Kovensky
Severin Lüst
Luca Martucci
Jakob Moritz*
Vasilis Niarchos
Francesco Nitti
Niels Obers
Susha Parameshwaran
Fernando Quevedo*
Gary Shiu*
Pablo Soler 
Radu Tătar
Bret Underwood
Thomas van Riet
Alexander Westphal*
Tim Wrase

* to be confirmed


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IPhT, CEA/Saclay, France
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