--The meeting can be viewed online with Zoom (see instruction)--

In recent years, we experienced the arrival of the first quantum computer (QC) demonstrators such as those developed by D-Wave, Google, IBM or Rigetti. Overall, this field is experiencing a new boost on a global scale.

The programming on these prototypes of quantum computers remains today a challenge in particular concerning adapted algorithms and control of the quantum noise inherent to these computers. Nevertheless, in the next decade, these computers as well as the new associated algorithms may hypothetically provide computing power hitherto unequaled in terms of speed and storage.

It seems in particular timely to investigate whether the domains covered by the IN2P3 institute both at the informatics and/or fundamental research levels can benefit from these recent advances.

The goal of this meeting is to invite experts in the field of quantum computing to present to non-expert scientists and engineers the state of the art in this area of research.

The program includes:

  • A general introduction of the important concepts of quantum mechanics used in QC and quantum circuits.

  • A presentation of the current status in terms of available hardware and software.

  • Some presentation of recent use of QC in different fields of informatics, engineering and physics.

  • An half day training on one of the available QC emulator software.

The workshop starts on Monday Dec 2nd at 11am and ends on Tuesday Dec 3rd at 3pm.

Registrations open on Tue Nov 12th and close on Fri Nov 29th. Attendance is restricted to maximum 60 participants.

Lunches will be offered to participants external to Paris-Sud University. 

All participants are also invited to the welcome cocktail on Dec 2 at 18h30.

The event will take place in the Auditorium Joliot-Curie of IPN Orsay and the tutorial in the Salle des Conseils of IPN Orsay, both located in Building 100. Here are  some instructions on how to get to IPN Orsay.

Organization Committee: Florian Beaudette, Volker Beckmann, Marcella Grasso, Guillaume Hupin, Denis Lacroix, Andrea Sartirana, Bogdan Vulpescu.


IPN Orsay
Auditorium Joliot-Curie
15 rue Georges CLEMENCEAU 91406 ORSAY (FRANCE) http://ipnwww.in2p3.fr/