GATE workshop @ IEEE NSS-MIC conference

Exchange 2&3 (Manchester Central Convention Centre)

Exchange 2&3

Manchester Central Convention Centre


The OpenGATE collaboration (, developing the GATE Monte Carlo platform for PET, SPECT, CT and radiation therapy applications is organising a workshop to present the last features of the platform and meet users (experienced and new comers). It will be an opportunity for the collaboration to show new variance reduction techniques and discuss the long term process to include machine learning into the platform, beneficial to speed up computation time. Different actions to handle Python data outputs and analysis will  be also discussed. The workshop will be a dedicated moment for users to present their last validation or development with the platform; if you are interested in presenting , please contact the chairs before September 30. Lunch will be provided. Tickets will be available for collection during registration on a first come first served basis until exhaustion.

Registration form GATE Workshop @ IEEE NSS-MIC conference
  • Brian Zapien Campos
  • Dania Consuegra Rodríguez
  • Emilie Roncali
  • Han Gyu Kang
  • Jakub Baran
  • Karl Ziemons
  • Marina Vergara
  • Panagiotis Papadimitroulas
  • Sophia Pells
  • Ville-Veikko Wettenhovi