WP2 fortnightly meeting


ESCAPE WP2 4th Sep 2019


Present: Andrea, Fabio, Ghita, Gonzalo, Jurgen, Manuel, Mario, Martin, Neyroud, Pandey, Raymond, Riccardo, Stephane, Rosie, Rizart, Aris, Xavi, Simone, Daniele, Diego, Jurgen, Guido, Chen





Coordination (Simone)

  • Suggestion to change the “periodicity” of the meeting to the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month, next meeting in three weeks from now. But next week there will be a meeting for task leaders.


News (Simone)

Status of the Deliverable (Architecture and Implementation Plan to be delivered by the 1st of October)

  • Proposed structure of the document is to describe the structure with the functional elements involved rather than structured it Work Package by Work Package.
    •  Missing input for:
      • Event driven data management and data processing
        • Action on Jurgen/Patrick to draft a text for the document
      • Pilot phase and the final prototype: describe the prioritisation and timeline for the different phases from the pilot (in 17 months) to the prototype (end of the project). 
        • Action on Xavi to draft a proposal so the technical experts can comment: technical feasibility on the different components (RUCIO, storage, AAI, etc.), expectations vs. reality, etc.

        - Task leaders meeting in one week from now to describe the progress on the document.

        - Rosie suggests to present the “conclusions”with a timeline diagram reflexing the plan.

  • Simone agrees once we have the missing input written in the document. Rosie agrees to take the responsibility of producing the timeline diagram.


Main topics:


Discussion about interfaces between WP2 and WP5:

  • SWAN is being discussed as a solution for data analysis. Based on Jupyter notebooks providing integration with sync&share storage (CERNBOX).
  • There will be a hands-on session for SWAN Mon 14/10/2019 @ CERN in coincidence with RUCIO coding camp for RUCIO developers and experts.
  • SKAO showed interest but everyone is welcome to attend. Simone will create and event and help with the organisation from ESCAPE participants.
    • (Pandey) Would it be possible to join remote? (Simone) need to check this with organisers but hands-on are usually hard to follow remotely.
    • Ghita reminded that on the 11th of October there is the SWAN User’s workshop @ CERN. (Simone) this event is user oriented
    • Pandey propose to send an ESCAPE related abstract for a conference (did not catch the name). Simone propose to Pandey to write the abstract and circulate it via mail together with the link to the conference. 


Status of the pilot and next steps (Aris)

  • Aris described the current deployment (see presentation on the agenda)
  • Comments:
    • CNAF: storage resources being discussed in which cluster should be deployed
    • GSI: missing resources in the cluster but expect will come soon
    • PIC: would like to participate as dCache storage (Xavi reminded that PIC has already resources in the EOS deployment as part of the EULAKE shared infrastructure)
    • Simone proposed to have a tape endpoint for the datalake to demonstrate data processing from tape at some of the WLCG Tier-1s: SARA, IN2P3, PIC, INFN and DESY
    • Andrea strongly suggest to move to ESCAPE VO based machinery as some sites still are not supporting the ESCAPE VO.
    • (Stephane) timescale to get rid of dteam? (A) End of the month.
    • (Stephane) can I join ESCAPE VO and upload and download files? (A)Yes.



IAM integration with experiment specific auth (Manuel)

  • Experiment user database, containing the names of people officially in the experiment. How do we integrate this info into IAM?
    • (Manuel) Propose to contact CTAO to integrate their AD groups in the ESCAPE project as a prototype, ask other project sciences/projects using specific AAI tools to join this effort and set-up a proof of concept environment using ldap at PIC (used now by MAGIC experiment) to inject this information into IAM.
    • Agreed to discuss this internally and with Andrea and report in three week time.
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