Francesco Spano -- Top quark physics at the LHC. Selected highlights.


The top quark is the most massive known fundamental constituent of matter. Its unexplained large mass suggests an important connection to the still mysterious electroweak symmetry breaking mechanism and it is the basis of a rich set of links to possible new particle and interactions that could appear at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) by often modifying the production and decay of top quarks. 

The increasingly large production rate of events containing top quarks  produced at LHC opens the unique possibility of measurements of differential cross sections as a function of new variables in unexplored regions of phase space, the exploration of its connection to the Higgs boson and frontier studies on top quark-related physics beyond the standard model at new scales of energy and distance.
Within the outlined conceptual framework I will give an overview of the latest experimental highlights in top quark physics obtained using data collected in LHC pp collisions.